22 Dec 2010

A Health and Safety Announcement

An imagined future that takes current workplace H&S thinking to it's logical conclusion. Got to keep everyone nice and safe...

A Health and Safety Announcement

Following on from our comprehensive review of the significant perils and dangers posed by ladders, we have now turned our attention to the activity of walking, of which we have identified the following hazards:

You might trip and fall over while doing it.

We have therefore taken the very reasonable and sensible act of banning all walking in the building and car park areas for staff that haven’t completed ‘walking training’.

Walking training will be rolled out in Q1 2011 and will comprise of a 3 hour session in the auditorium where your walking technique will be evaluated. Until this time, please find alternative forms of locomotion to get around the building. Perhaps you could crawl?

Yours sincerely

Health and Safety
P.S. Stay safe out there, you know we worry.